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The 7 Best Free Affordable Vietnamese Coursesin 2023

The 7 Best Free Affordable Vietnamese Coursesin 2023

Vietnamese is one of the most difficult languages to master for non-native speakers. But, there are a few apps to learn Vietnamese that can make the process a lot easier. Whether you’re starting from zero or want to improve a certain skill, apps can make learning Vietnamese a lot more accessible.


– Previously mentioned in this article , Duolingo is possibly the best free resource to learn Vietnamese. Although it does not provide an extensive vocabulary or advanced grammar, this app makes up for it in simplicity and ease-of-use. Duolingo is broken into lessons that hash out the basics of language learning, allowing beginners to create a strong foundation before moving on to more advanced courses. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it works.


– When I first started out learning Vietnamese, I knew absolutely nothing about the language – including how to read a single character. For those of you interested in picking up Vietnamese but lack a strong background in East Asian languages, this is where Grammar comes into play. This course takes abstract characters and groups them together to form what is known as compound characters. These compound characters, which are often used in everyday life, help students learn how to read Vietnamese using simple English explanations (i.e. this character means “water”, that one “tree”).

Since the course is free of charge, it does not provide audio examples; however, it does provide a number of resources for those looking to find suitable audio samples.


– This website is extremely useful in that you can create your own flashcards and test yourself with the click of a button. Quizlet provides several options, including an audio option and vocabulary practice option, so users can choose which aspect they would like to focus on. One of the most valuable features of Quizlet is that you can easily find similar flashcards from other users, allowing for maximum exposure and retention.

Quizlet also provides a number of learning tools including study games and customized testing schedules, so those looking for more advanced tools will not be disappointed.


– This app provides users with a number of learning tools including vocabulary, grammar, and listening. Users are able to listen to native speakers while simultaneously seeing the character breakdown on their screen. Tungo allows students of all levels to practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening in Vietnamese.


– There are several different aspects of Vietnamese learning that Memrise focuses on: vocabulary, phrases and idioms, and grammar. By combining a number of different features, this app provides students with the full-package necessary to learn Vietnamese effectively.

Language Transfer

– Language Transfer is an entirely free platform providing students with practice in speaking and writing as well as useful supplementary materials such as dictionary links and exercises. Students can choose which aspect they would like to focus on before logging in, making it incredibly simple to use.


– This website allows for self-guided studying through the creation of flashcards sourced from real world examples found online. Not only are these words helpful for those looking to expand their Vietnamese vocabulary, but the site has an entire section dedicated to learning other languages nearly 24/7.

Although this site is not exclusively directed towards Vietnamese, the learning materials are incredibly useful for all levels of language learners.


– All of these sites and apps are incredibly useful and in conjunction with each other, they provide the user with a full-fledged language learning experience. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to brush up on your knowledge to take your Vietnamese to the next level, these resources will definitely be useful in improving your Vietnamese skills. Good luck!

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